Outreach for Santa Clara Valley
Tel: 1-408-436-2865/ Reservations: 1-408-436-4860


Para-transit ServicePara-transit car service for disabled persons. Door-to-door service is provided, taking clients to medical and dental appointments.  Once approved for Outreach, you will receive a free VTA transit pass for ongoing use.

Senior Transportation: A door-to-door para-transit service for low income seniors age 65 and older, operated by Outreach. It provides 40 one-way or 20 round trip rides per year. Applicants must reapply  annually. Also provides fare subsidies for VTA para-transit and public transit service users. For information download the senior mobility guide.


VTA: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority 
River Oaks Admin. Office: 3331 North First Street, San Jose, Ca 95112 – 8AM – 4:30PM
Downtown Customer Service: 55-A West Santa Clara Street, San Jose, Ca 95113 9AM – 6PM
Tel: 1-408-321-2300 / (Closed weekends and most holidays)

Information: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is an independent special district that provides sustainable, accessible, community-focused transportation options that are innovative, environmentally responsible, and promote the vitality of our region. VTA provides bus, light rail, and para-transit services, as well as participates as a funding partner in regional rail service including Cal-train, Capital Corridor, and the Altamont Corridor Express.

Youth (ages 5-18):

  • Single Ride – $1.75
    (Regular, Limited Stop & Express Buses, Light Rail)
  • Community Bus – 75¢
  • 8-Hour Light Rail Pass – $3.50
  • Day Pass – $5.00 (Clipper Only)
  • Monthly Pass – $45.00
  • Annual Pass Subscription – $495.00
  • **Children under 5 years old ride free
    when traveling with a paying adult.**

Adults (ages 19 – 64): 

  • Single Ride – $2
    (Regular & Limited Stop Buses, Light Rail)
  • Express Single Ride – $4
  • Community Bus – $1.25
  • 8-Hour Light Rail Pass – $4
  • Day Pass – $6 (Clipper Only)
  • Express Day Pass – $12 (Clipper Only)
  • Monthly Pass – $70
  • Express Monthly Pass – $140
  • Annual Pass Subscription – $770
  • ***Boarding an express bus with a regular
    $70 dollar monthly pass will require
    a $2 dollar charge using Clipper E-Cash***

Senior Disable (ages 65+):

  • Single Ride – $1.00
    (Regular, Limited Stop & Express Buses, Light Rail)
  • Community Bus – 50¢
  • 8-Hour Light Rail Pass – $2.00
  • Day Pass – $2.50 (Clipper Only)
  • Monthly Pass – $25.00
  • Annual Pass Subscription – $275.00

The following forms of identification is accepted for the purpose of verifying discount cash fares for seniors (65 years old or older) and Certified Disabled Persons:

  • Regional Transit Connection (RTC) Discount Card
  • Medicare Card
  • DMV placard computer print-out
  • California Driver’s License
  • California ID card
  • DMV disabled license plate registration
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport (US or Foreign)
  • Alien Registration Card
  • Valid Senior/Disabled card from another California transit agency
  • Valid Monterey-Salinas transit courtesy card


Monthly Passes are available only on Clipper Cards. Passes and cash value can be added to
Clipper Cards at light rail Ticket Vending Machines, most Walgreens stores, and VTA’s Downtown Service Center and River Oaks Administrative office. In Addition, you can add value to your card by or by calling (877) 878-8883. Please register your Clipper card. For lost or stolen cards please contact Clipper Customer Service at (877) 878-8883.


Heart of the Valley (Services for Seniors, Inc.)
Address: PO Box 418 Santa Clara, CA 95052
Tel: 1-408-241-1571

Information: Provides escorted transportation to people 59+, volunteer opportunities, donate your car, etc.  Click here for Flyer 


Love In the Name of Christ, Santa Clara County 
Tel: 408-723-9223 / Mon. – Fri. 9 AM – 12 PM

Information: Help connect the resources of local churches with needs of people in our community, all in the name of Christ. We do this primarily by providing a telephone contact line which people in need may call, accepting the calls and assessing the needs, and contacting volunteers from local churches to meet the needs.

Tel: 1-888-542-3374

Information: Beepi is revolutionizing the way that people buy and sell cars by making a traditionally painful experience fast, easy, and even fun. They said it wasn’t possible, but we make it happen every day.


Medi-Cal Paid Transportation to Medical Appointments

Boundless Care, Inc.
5508 Century Manor Court, San Jose, CA 95111
408-363-8900 / 408-722-4882

Information: To care, to serve, to educate, to encourage and to bring hope to clients and their families on living well, being healthy and maximizing their potentials to improve Quality of Life.


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