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My name is Elena Flores, I am thirty years old who was born in El Paso, Texas yet raised in San Jose, California. Being in the era of technology and experience in telecommunication field. Walking thru life with an open mind that motivates others thru positivity and leads with a dream called, “The American Dream.”

Where leadership is created thru innovation, diversity, and without discrimination. When we can transform our people into leaders to succeed by having adventures, opportunities, and growth as an individual and an employee. Whether it is in a company or in school as a student.

The vision of The American Dream being strategized as complex is for the different destinations that it may lead our youth and adults into for career opportunities to live out their dreams. Challenging out youth and adults out of there comfort zone to accomplish hands on training at varies sites and occupations to prepare them for success in the roles of their dreams and as the leaders they are for our future.

Their are blogs and resources of the Bay Area, that can be useful to the youth and adults today on this website. I have included a portfolio of myself that include cover page, resume and recommendations.

Here are videos that apart of the culture:


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