What we provide to our corporate and businesses is training for there employees and team for leadership and self growth. The American Dream is a company that focuses on the word team then take care of our customers. A system where learning, training, and opportunities for growth are available is ideal yet does not always happen in the department we may be looking for.

If other corporate and businesses provided interns and externs for other employees and students that would be posted on LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. These opportunities would be international and worldwide in hollywood, music, businesses, and government jobs.

The need for leadership that strives to be involved with management or in management will build confidence and awareness of activities within your team. Building confidence and open communication within your team will create insight, awareness, and feedback to be better tracked.

Leadership has shown an increase in seeking data on what candidates potential employees look for in an employment. Employees look for consistency from their management, projects assigned to them, and having one on ones with their management. The way to selecting the right candidate for The American Dream adventure; would be based upon training, courses, and completion of tasks.

Businesses small and large will invest their time and money on their employees growth as a whole. Focusing on achievements, skills, and strengths will show when they complete their own portfolio with there goals and dreams.

The qualifications of success to this project is based on my education and work experience. Being a leader, trainer, and employee that knows how to cross function and manage her team while management was not available for events, volunteer work, committees, and activities.

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