What makes this possible is by communication to make sure they have a good understanding where the individual is coming. Also, by investigating what is communicated only to give back proper and accurate feedback. All leaders should practice and remember to be selfless and care about others.  That is type of leader I am, my road is not always clear, a bit bumpy, and that is okay. I was given choices in life and I choose to motivate and be motivated. Since motivation doesn’t last, and neither does bathing. “That’s why its recommended daily!”  Do not worry about who’s to blame or being right. Do what is right and make sure that you remember to over achieve.

    As you grow up you are taught values, morals, integrity, the difference between right and wrong and that every individual has choices. You have your parents, extended family such as cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents, teacher, and you have friends throughout your life. Inspiring leaders do not always know their gift in the way they lead.  There’s different types of leaders; the leader that expect you to do as you’re told, the leader that has to micromanage everything, and the inspiring leaders. Spiritual leaders are the ones that have attracted my attention. I have observed and practiced on how to be that type of leader. Spiritual leaders have the ability to listen and understand an individual they are approaching regarding a problem, task, or project. 

    Becoming a leader was never in my plan. Have had some ups and some downs and need someone to inspire me because I felt defeated. Starting over scared me but not because I became lost. Been blessed with a gift to motivate others. One day I would love to meet someone that is as passionate as me in helping others. Found motivation in Unbroken– motivational video in my references below.


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