10 Leadership Rules I Follow

  1. You always have a choice, recognize the difference between your options and opinions.
  2. What you want to believe and what it is are two separate things
  3. Yes can lead to new opportunities
  4. Saying No is another form of feedback not push back

  5. You can always buy, replace, choose new, old material things, realize that people are not one of them.

  6. Treat others the way you want to be treated, have empathy when needed

  7. What I want, may need, and what is needed are 3 separate things

  8. No one is right or wrong in a discussion, Success and love of self and others is thru difference in outlook and input.

  9. Always have a answer to a question when presenting a problem

  10. Record, document, and upload a cloud of all action items, situations, meetings, contacts, appointment, etc in a agenda. Never know when someone may need you to be accountable of an event.

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